Troop 150 always has a lot going on.  Check out these individual pages for info on what we're up to:


Items announced at recent troop meetings, and about upcoming plans.


Scheduled meetings and outings. 


Info on upcoming trips. 


Little write ups of fun and important things we've done. 
Merit Badges

List of Merit Badge Counselors.  (Contact one directly to find when sessions are being held.)

Info on our current and past fundraisers.
Summer Camp

Details of our Summer Camp plans. 

Keep me posted.... please!

Are you interest in following the troops announcements and events?  Here are some options:

You can receive the Announcements (about 2 or 3 per week) via:
  • Email.  Send an email request that you be added to the Announcement email list (or removed or modified) to "announce@t150f.com".
    • We encourage both parents and scouts to join this list, as well as recent troop alumni and all adult leaders.
    • We encourage both parents in a household to subscribe.
    • If you are on the Patrol Leaders Council or the Troop Committee, kindly note that in your request, too, as sometimes targeted emails are sent to those groups in particular.
  • RSS: If you are an RSS user, you can subscribe to the Troop Announcements as an RSS feed.
    • See the link as on the top of the Announcements page.
    • What's cool about RSS?  It allows you to subscribe to any "feed" you want to, then read one or all of them whenever you'd like.... rather than having all your news and newsletters clog your inbox.  
    • Your email reader probably already supports RSS, as do most browsers these days.  If not, there are plenty of apps that will help you manage your RSS feeds.
  • Web: Of course, you can consult the Announcements page anytime, too.
You can keep up-to-date with the Calendar via:
  • iCal: If you are already a calendar software user (say in Outlook, or Google, or you are a Blackberry user or other PDA user), then your software probably supports direct linking to the Troop Calendar, which is a Google Calendar.  
    • Email the site administrator with the name of your calendar software, and he'll try to talk you through the process of setting it up.
    • What's cool about iCal?  As new events are placed on the Troop Calendar, they will likewise show up on your calendar... no more copying and pasting events.
  • Web: Of course, you can consult the Calendar page anytime, too.

How do I make an announcement?

If you have something to announce or put on the troop calendar, please email "announce@t150f.com".  Send complete details -- in effect, please write the announcement as you feel it should go out -- and who the target audience is: the whole troop; just the PLC; just the troop committee.

Your item should be place on the calendar within about a day.  Routine announcements will go out with the next email to all; more urgent items will be sent out within about a day.

For urgent announcements talk to Mr Harasty at a Troop meeting or call him.  (See contact info on the Troop Committee page.)