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Announcements for 1/28

posted Jan 29, 2016, 1:07 PM by Elias
Announcements for 1/28
- Dry run for the Klondike on Sunday, also teams for the Klondike will be posted on the website
- This Saturday is the Pinewood Derby will be starting at 10:00am, be there at 7:30am to help prepare the event is planned to end at 2:00pm and if you can't make it at 7:30 try to stop by later
- Anthony Lines got his Gold eagle Palm and this was his last meeting with us, also Jared got Life and Jack got Star as well so make sure to congratulate them for their new rank
- The information for the Ski trip will be on the website along will the permission slips. The trip will be on February 13-14 it will be a overnight ski trip where we will be staying in a church hostel 1 night. Mrs Goldberg will be posting the information about it on the website later this weekend.

-Lastly these are the current teams for the Klondike.
Dragons- Isaac, Sean, Rahil, Matt, Jack, Danny, Haris, and Liam
Eagles- Rich, Nate, Nick, Dilian, Jared, Christian, and Ryan
Flaming Bunnies- Ben, Chris, Laik, CJ, Tommy, Elias, John, and Mark