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Announcements for 1/8

posted Jan 9, 2015, 5:23 AM by Elias
Announcements 1/8/15
-Mr Nagle needs 30 milk crates for Klondike and he will pick and drop off them the day of the Klondike 2/8 Mr. Nagle Phone number 732/938/6444

-Permission slips for skiing trip to Shawnee will be due next Thursday 
-OA election eligibility will be closed at the end of January 
-PLC 2/12 and the Pizza party will be 2/19.
-We will hopefully start candy sales some time in February  

Merit badges
-Emergency preparedness people you have a mobilization test next Saturday  
-Fire safety get to Alex ASAP if you want to take the badge
-Winter Sports merit badge will be during the Shawnee trip if you want to take this you need to come to the 1/22 meeting early at 6:00 to sign up and talk to Mr. Pitarresi