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Announcements for 2/4

posted Feb 5, 2016, 6:21 PM by Elias

Announcements for 1/4
- Look over the snow teams that are on the website for the Klondike and what each scout needs that is also on the website so make sure to look over both of those. Lastly make sure to look over all of the subjects that will be on the Klondike
- The Ski trip is next weekend from the 13th-14th if you know your going prepare for that day trip and Lastly make sure you check out the troop website and scroll to the 2nd page of the Ski trip permission slip. Click On the link to pre-register for the equipment. Deadline is February 8th at 11:59pm 
March 19th is the Battleground Pinewood derby and we will be running the event on Saturday at Home Depot by the Freehold Mall more info will be announced ASAP
- OA elections will be this month and will be announced ASAP
-For the price for Summer camp which is 390 plus a 25 dollar if you sold two boxes of candy