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Announcements for 4/30

posted May 2, 2015, 10:24 AM by Elias

Announcements for 4/30

-events- PLC is next meeting and all merit badges and rank advancements must be turned in before

-A rafting trip will be announced soon on the place and times more info will be announced at the PLC

-Merit badges for summer camp will be coming up soon so start thinking about merit badges you want to do

-Swim test will be announced for a later date hopefully for late May or in June 

-Family life merit badge- The old class is ending in September and a new class starting up May 21st 6:30 at the church. Workbook pre requirements 1 and 2

-Cooking merit badge will be announced at the PLC for dates and info

-Cit badges will be offered for any one who needs to still get it by Mr. Boss and Mr. Meier

-Zack's eagle project will be on May 16th for the Howell food pantry in planting plant pot and will need 6-12 scouts. There will be more details on it at the PLC or to contact Zack himself. Flower beds preparation will be next weekend to prepare for the planting process which will be the following weekend 

-Also Matt Boss made it into the OA so congrats to him on his achievement.