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Announcements from 3/22

posted Mar 24, 2012, 6:51 AM by Troop 150 Announce   [ updated Mar 24, 2012, 6:56 AM ]

  • Rank Advancements this week:
    • Tommy Pitarresi - Scout
    • Brandon Moshett - Scout  
    • CJ Spagnolia - Scout
    • Skyler Delman - Scout
    • Luciano Pabone - Scout
  • Over half of our new members have achieved their Scout rank.  Kudos to everyone!
  • Mr Bludgus observes:
    • It appears that most of our new scouts are about as smart as a fifth grader
    • It appears that most of our older scouts might have some studying to do to become as smart
    • But: it is never too late to brush up on your scout skills and knowledge
  • Easter Candy fundraiser
    • Candy will be delivered at the 3-29 meeting
    • If you ordered any: be there 3-29 to pick it up
  • Calendar:
    • Next Regular Troop Meeting: Thu, Mar 29.
    • Next PLC Meeting will be Thu, April 5 (during spring break)
  • Announcements Request:
    • Any scout or adult leaders who have an verbal announcement at the Troop meeting should email the same to "announce@t150f.com" immediately after the meeting... or better yet: before the meeting.
    • This will save Mr Harasty time, and will help ensure all relevant details are included in the subsequent post.
    • Likewise: please check the posted/email announcements promptly for errors or additional info that needs to be added.  
    • Check the calendar, too, for a correct posting of your event.