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Announcements from 5/17

posted May 18, 2012, 7:15 AM by Troop 150 Announce   [ updated May 18, 2012, 7:17 AM ]

Rafting Trip:
  • Bring warm cloths/jacket as it will get cold at night. It was 42 here this morning
  • Bring money to rent a wet suit and booties (highly recommended). I called Whitewater Challengers, its $20 for the full suite. (I’ve rafted many times, you want a suite). Also for meal stops, it’s a long drive.
  • Do not wear crocks or sandals. Bring an extra pair as you will get wet.
  • Bring a water blaster (but not an expensive one)
  • It can only be used once your on the raft, outside of that it will be taken away.
  • No Cell phones or electronic games.
  • We are meeting at 5pm sharp at the church for the trip.
  • If you think you need mediation bring it and give it to Pete P. We can not provide any medication at all.
  • also that the guys should bring their dinner as always with them for Friday night 
  • they really only spoke about the trip and that people should meet at the parking lot at 4:30 ready to go at 5:00...
What to bring for Whitewater Rafting
  • Old sneakers (flip flops, loose-fitting sandals, "crocs," and bare feet are not permitted)
  • Bathing suit or shorts
  • Change of clothes and shoes
  • Eyeglass straps
  • Suntan lotion and a cap or visor in summer
  • Wool hat, sweater, socks, gloves - in early spring or late autumn
  • Light windbreaker (no hood)
  • Driver's license (if renting wet suits or waterproof paddling gear - 1 license per 6 suits)
  • Simple lunch (at the Lehigh) - or order box lunch from our food service

Please Do Not Bring On The River!
  • Alcohol/drugs (not allowed on the river or in our camping areas)
  • Ice chest (these take up too much room and can pose a hazard in rough water)
  • Hooded rain suits/ponchos (unsafe for use in moving water)
  • Bare feet, loose sandals, "crocs" or flip-flops (unsafe on the river)
  • Cotton clothing in cold weather (makes you colder when wet; use polypropylene or wool)
  • Expensive camera (unless waterproof)
  • Jewelry, valuables
  • Wallets, keys
  • Pets (not allowed on the river or in the campground)

  • Sue McLaughlin is planning a Troop dining out fundraiser to Woodys Tavern 06/13 
  • We are missing scout owned tents. If you have one bring it to the next meeting. Remember, if you check one out, you are responsible to bring it home to air out and return at the next meeting.
Court of Honor:
  • Court of Honor coming, next week last chance to get badges and advancements to Mr. Lines
Next Meeting:
  • Elections at next meeting.
From the Treasurer:
  • Over 10 scouts are not current with their dues.  PLEASE SEE MRS CHAN to settle up.
  • Note May is your last dues payment 'til October.
  • Summer camp: still time to hand in checks $332 to Mrs. Chan before rate goes up after May 24 to $387(all boys).  Thanks!