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Announcements from the Troop Meeting of Oct. 14, 2010

posted Oct 16, 2010, 3:49 AM by Troop 150 Announce
Troop 150 Announcements

Announcements from the Troop Meeting of Oct. 14, 2010:
    • Tours: Lake George trip this weekend.  Rides are assigned, drivers will head out independently (that is: NOT meeting at the church).  Pack warm!
    • Fundraising
      • Last popcorn blitzes planned
        • Oct 16th (Wawa @ Five Points Rd, 12pm-3pm).   
      • Keep selling popcorn on your own.
        • Order forms due (with money) at Oct 21 troop meeting.
      • Additional fundraising announcements, below.
    Coming up soon:
    • This weekend 10/15-10/17: Lake George trip.
    • Sat, Oct 16, 12pm-3pm: Popcorn blitz sale at Wawa
    • Thu, Oct 21, 7pm: Regular Troop Meeting.  
      • Popcorn orders due.  
      • Advancement due for Fall Court of Honor.

    From the Fundraising Chair

    Wawa Popcorn Blitz 

    Don't forget that this Saturday, for those who are not going camping, I will be at Wawa on Rt 33 doing a popcorn Blitz. Anyone who has time, please stop by in your Class A for however long you can stay.

    Monmouth Mall Popcorn Blitz 

    Thanks to Ben Chan, Sean Guinan, Anthony Lines, Isaac Harasty, Chris Renda, Mark Ficalora, Chris Karn, Alex Karn, Luke McLaughlin,Andy Mayer, and even Rob Mayer,(inside joke) the boys sold $598 worth of popcorn and some monetary donations. They did a great job of selling and working together and I was proud of all of them that night.  And as I mentioned at the meeting, if you ever need to sell anything call on Sean Guinan, Chris Renda and Anthony Lines....they had the sales pitch going big time and really drew in so many people who couldn't walk away without buying or donating....hats off to them all!!

    Woody's Dining Out Night

    Thanks to all those families who made it out to Woody's Monday night. Our meals and drinks earned the Troop $197.00. Nice job!!!   Every penny counts so if you couldn't make it this time maybe you'll make it next time. We appreciate all your efforts!!


    It is now the week before popcorn orders are due and I just wanted to remind everyone that popcorn orders are due at the October 21st Scout meeting. 
    • Please be sure checks are made out to Troop 150.
    • Please either make a copy or have a duplicate copy of what you hand in. 
    • Please be on time with this because I will not be available from the 29th till Nov 8th and will not be able to address any issues long distance so please have your orders ready. 
    • Also, your scout needs to tell me what he wants as a prize when he hands in his orders. Prizes are based on sales so check out the brochure that was sent home and be ready with that on the 21st. 
    Any questions please ask them now!!!

    Thanks all....

    Susan McLaughlin
    Popcorn Kernel / Fundraising Chair