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Announcements + Klondike Prep

posted Jan 28, 2014, 10:04 AM by Troop 150 Announce

Announcements from the Troop meeting on January 23 

- Ski trip this Saturday you will need to be there by 5:45 and we will leave 6:00am 
We will have a rally point around 3:00 at the ski place and it will be announced when we get there 

- Sled packing will be next Thursday and a Dry run on February 1st 

On February 4th at 7:00am at the Adelphia fire house there will be a Whittling chip for the cub scouts.

Note from Mr Bludgus regarding Klondike

Folks -

On Saturday, February 1, we are going to have our scouts perform a practice run of the Klondike. We will set up the 6 stations plus a check-in to similate conditions of the Klondike scehduled for February 8. I need adults to help run and set up stations for me. We will hold the event at Eric Malko's neighbors house (Mike and Jenny) off West Farms Rd. Most of you know where it is. I'll get the address for the rest of you.

I'm looking to start around 10am. The sleds will be packed out on Thursday. We need to get the sleds to the property by Saturday morning. Plan to get to the property around 9:30 so we can set up. I need 3-4 hours of your time.

Below are the stations. I'm putting names next to each station. Most stations require the scouts to have the required materials in their sled.

Check In - Ally and Ginny
Each sled team will check in to ensure they have all required equipment, Patrol Flags, Patrol Yell

Camping - Pete Pitarresi
Set up campsite using the seven principles of Leave No Trace - Includes setting up a tent and rigging a bear bag. Need to find high and low ground at the property.

Cooking - Eric Malko
All sled teams are required to build a cooking fire and cook a meal. The teams will be greaded on how well the fire starts, uses, and puts out the fire; and how well it cleans up when done. Using leave no trace principles 3 and 5. Hot water will be available for clean-up. Eric may be making his chilli. Will need zip lock bags that can handle boiling water.

Rescue - Alex Karn/Pete Lines
Each team will be given a first aid problem they wil need to complete. The team will need to work together.

Challenge Event - Rich, Bob O'Brien, Mike Nagel
Team buidling and problem solving. (BSA Trivia, Ski Challenge, Fishing Pole or crate stacking). Alex has the trivia questions. I need someone to take the skis and buckets. Need a large hook with a lead, and a blind.

Pioneering - Pete McLauglin/Dan Harasty
Each team will be required to build an object using the 6 staves from their sled

Orienteering - Eugene
Each team will be given instructions on an orienteering course and work together as a team to figure it out.

Check Out - Ally and Ginny
Please do the best you can to attend. Let me know if you can attend. Let me know if you have any questions.