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Final Prep for Camp

posted Jul 16, 2013, 6:32 AM by Troop 150 Announce   [ updated Jul 17, 2013, 10:08 AM ]

Dropoff / Pickup
  • Directions to Ockanickon can be found here.  (First time drivers may want to allot two hours for the trip.)
    • We are NOT caravaning from the church; each family must bring their own scout or arrange a ride.
    • Parents/families are welcome to come along for both dropoff and pickup.
  • Dropoff:
    • Be there by 1:30pm, Sunday, July 21.
    • Park where directed, then look for the troop in the pine grove between the lot and the pond.
    • Scouts are expected to set up their own gear in their tents.
    • Parents/families may stay and look around, however, you'll have to go before dinner.
  • Pickup:
    • Be there around 8:30am, Saturday, July 27.
    • Walk through the center of camp to the parade grounds; have a seat on the hill.
    • There will be a brief closing ceremony.
Last Minute Packing Reminders / Tips:
  • Uniforms 
    • Class A shirt is required.
      • Bring a hanger and keep it hung up when you are not wearing it.
      • Class A's have to be worn for retreat and supper every evening.
      • Merit badge sash NOT required.
      • Please make sure your patches are up-to-date -- especially your rank patch.
      • With Class A, wear scout pants or other canvas short.  No sweat shorts, Hawaiian shorts, gym shorts.
    • Class B "red shirts".
      • Have at least one.  Two or three recommended.  (Need more?  read this.)
      • Other T-shirts are OK.  Solid red recommended; others OK as long as they are appropriate.
  • Packing:
    • Label everything with your scout's name and "Troop 150".
    • Consider using a large plastic tub with lid.  Consider a second (empty) tub.  Nest the first in the empty, then use the empty as a laundry bin and/or for extra space to sort and organize your stuff.
    • Our Troop packing list: Camping Tips
    • Ockanickon's packing list: Packing List
  • To keep cool and keep dry:
    • Regarding the heat, the boys should bring whatever they need to stay comfortable (i.e. portable battery operated fans, towels and rags to dip in water, etc.  I will bring a cooler than I can fill up with refreshments.  Contributions would be appreciated.
    • Mr Bludgus recommends the boys bring umbrellas as part of their rain gear.  It's an option, but wearing a plastic (non-breathable) poncho or rain suit in 80 to 90 degree weather with high humidity may not be comfortable (or healthy).
Other Reminders
  • Second year (and older) campers: do your merit badge prerequisites.
    • Check the Ockanickon site to see what they are: Merit Badges at Ockanickon
    • If your badge includes required on-site purchases (example: leather working supplies), bring money for that.
    • In all cases, print out the merit badge "workbook", and bring them in a binder with a pen.
    • Remember: partial merit badges are not an option; do the pre-reqs, and get the rest done at camp.
  • Friday raft trip:
    • Second year (and older) campers may sign up for the optional rafting trip on Friday.
    • You will be allowed to go ONLY if all your merit badge requirements are done.
    • Fill out a permission slip (click here to download) and provide to Scoutmaster at dropoff, along with necessary fee (about $20)
    • Note: scouts participating in the Dan Beard program (first year campers) are not eligible to participate this year. This is because the Dan Beard program has you fully booked for activities even on Friday. Don't worry: you'll get a chance in future years.
  • OA Members:
    • Bring your sash.  Wednesday is OA day at the camp.