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Final Prep for Summer Camp

posted Jul 18, 2012, 10:52 AM by Dan Harasty   [ updated Jul 18, 2012, 1:26 PM ]
If you don't have ALL these done, read this whole announcement carefully:
☐ Medical forms and insurance card to Mr Bludgus (in triplicate)
☐ Rafting liability waiver form and $20 (hand to Mr Bludgus on Sunday)
 You know what to pack, how to pack, and when to be at Ockanickon, and how to get there

Medical Forms (Summer Camp)
- Collecting Medical Forms A, B, and C, plus Copy of Insurance Card (3 copies each)
- There are still a few scouts and adults that have not sent in their medical form; NO FORM, NO TRIP
- Mr. Bludgus can be reached at 732-513-2969 or rbludgus@yahoo.com if you have any questions

Rafting Trip
- On Friday, July 27th the veteran/older scouts are eligable to attend the rafting trip on the Delaware River, sponsored by River Country Rafting.  
- If you plan on going you must have the Liability form filled out and signed by your parent(s), plus $20 to cover the cost of the trip.  If the form is not signed by your parent(s) you will not be able to go.  Here is the link to the form:
- Bring signed copy with you to camp; provide to Mr Bludgus on Sunday, along with payment.
- Sorry: scouts participating in the Dan Beard program are not eligible to participate this year. This is because the Dan Beard program has you fully booked for activities even on Friday. Don't worry: you'll get a chance in future years.

What to Pack and How to Pack It
- For the new scouts attending summer camp, Mr. B. recommends packing all of your gear in large pastic containers.  
- You may use anything to store your clothes and gear: a backpack, a large duffle bag (or two), an old-fashioned trunk, a big plastic "tub" container, or even an old suitcase if you'd like.  
- However, the big plastic containers have many advantages:
- They are easier to get into than a backpack
- They are cheaper than an old-fashioned "trunk"
- They are watertight
You don't need a backpack, as we are not doing any backpacking while there.
- Here's a tip: 
- Get two containers, the same size.
- Pack everything in one (clean clothes & gear), then nest that in the empty one.
- At camp, use the empty one for dirty clothes.
- Another tip:
- Write the scout's name and "Troop 150" prominently on the tub/trunk/pack
- If you don't want to mark directly on the item, put a strip of duct tape on it, and write on that
- What to pack:
- There will be daily inspections where your tent must be clean.

Sunday Arrival Time
- All Scouts are responsible to get to camp by 2pm the latest on Sunday, July 22nd.  
We will meet in the parking lot to take attendance and gather your gear before heading to our camp site.   
We are in the same camp site as last year (Seneca)
- Need directions: see Directions to Ockanickon from Freehold Area
Blue Cards (Summer Camp)
- Blue Cards for Dan Beard Scouts will be ready by the start of summer camp
- Blue Cards for veteran/older scouts need to be completed and handed to Mr. Bludgus
- All scouts are responsible for completing pre-requisites for those merit badges that require them; please check the camp website for merit badge details
- All scouts are responsible to bring or buy materials to complete requirements for those merit badges that require them (i.e. Rocket Kits for Space Exploration merit badge; $1 for 2 shot gun rounds for Shot Gun merit badge; personal first aid kit for First Aid merit badge)
- Recommendation: Have copies of your merit badge worksheets with you in a 3 ring binder, plus a pen to track your progress
- Please remember to bring your Scout Handbook to check off requirements, conduct scoutmaster conferences, and board of reviews; opportunities will present themselves

Swim Test (Summer Camp)
- If you did not take your swim test at the YMCA in May, please be prepared to take it on the day we arrive at summer camp (Sunday, July 22nd)