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From the Advancement Coordinator

posted Mar 2, 2011, 5:59 AM by Troop 150 Announce

From the Advancement Coordinator

Scout Parents,

I realize many scouts do not have email and it's the parents receiving these messages.  I ask going forward parents have their scout contact me with issues and requests regarding badges and advancement.  I know it’s often simpler to make the call or send the email yourself but what we are trying to do is build the boys.  This gives the boys an opportunity to interact with an adult and be responsible for their own advancement.  Unless there is some sort of problem that needs adult to adult discussion please have the boys do it.


Please ensure the boys understand it is their responsibility to get a blue card from the Scoutmaster prior to the badge class.  It’s very difficult for us to remember who was and was not there especially in larger classes. We often don’t have allot of time allocated for the class.  When the councilor asks if everyone has their card, he/she should not have to waste time inspecting each one.


It's a good idea for the boys to periodically check their progress against our database.  As mentioned last night I’ve identified two scouts that should be Life and they are listed as Scout.  Simply have them: ask, email, or call me to request a progress report.  I will try to turn it around in 24 hours and email it to them (I do not want to print reports). I can be reached at ‘advancement@t150f.com’ or 732-751-9109.



Pete Lines