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Fundraising Update

posted Dec 3, 2010, 7:45 PM by Troop 150 Announce
Popcorn Recap

This year with the help of our awesome Troop we sold $4111.00 worth of popcorn. 

Trails End gave us incentives like having a Kick-off meeting, increasing our sales by 10% from last year and submitting our order on time. We met all of the incentives and that earned us 41% of the sales which is GREAT!!!

Thanks to all those who participated in the Blitz Sales at the Monmouth Mall and WAWA including the Mom's and Dad's who sat with Mrs. McLaughlin for all those hours.

Tristan DiBella won Top Sales for selling $531.00. He walked away with the Marshmello Crossbow, $20 gift card, Bag of Popcorn and Trails End pin for being top seller for our Troop. 

Top (3) Sellers
Tristan DiBella
Sean Guinan
Ben Chan

Thanks to Tristan, Sean, Ben and all the boys and their families for all your hard work!! We look forward to making next year even BIGGER!!!

Wreath's  Are In!!!

Thank you to all those families who participated in our Wreath Sale. This was out first attempt at selling wreaths. Sales were low but we got a late start and didn't have pictures to show what we were selling. Next year we will be more organized, start earlier, and have better sales materials so we can increase our sales.
Wreaths will be ready for pick tomorrow, December 4 from 10am till 2pm at the McLaughlin home located at 43 Yellowbrook Rd, Howell.   If you need directions, please call Sue at 732-919-1931.  If you can not be there during those hours just give a call and they will set up a time with you.  If you are bringing your son to the Karn house for the Carpentry Badge tomorrow, the McLaughlin's live directly across the street so you can drop off and pick up coming or going.  See you tomorrow!