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Klondike Derby plans

posted Feb 5, 2013, 5:05 AM by Troop 150 Announce   [ updated Feb 7, 2013, 2:48 AM ]

  • Patrol Leaders Meeting -- Thu, Feb 7 -- 7pm
    • Scout leaders and scoutmaster at the Church to plan activities for upcoming Troop meetings
    • If you don't know if you need to be there, ask your Patrol Leader, or ask Luke

  • Klondike Derby -- Sat, Feb 9 -- 6:30am -- @ Quail Hill
We will be meeting at Quail Hill Scout reservation (56 La Valley Dr, Manalapan) at 6:30am.

It will probably go until about 1pm or 2pm.

Luke will be calling everyone to see if you are going. If you get this email before he calls you, please email him at lukeado@verizon.net ASAP so he can put you into a team.

Each scout will need:
Cravat or neckerchief, if you have multiple cravats please bring them
Mess kit
Boots (no sneakers!)
Pocketknife with totin chip card
Plenty of high energy snacks
Something to drink for yourself
2 liters of water per scout
Fire starting materials
A lot of dryer lint
Scout book

Each sled team will need:
Two blankets, big enough to make a stretcher or about 50/60 in.
Small foldable cap shovel

Parents: if you have any of these items and are willing to lend them to your sons Klondike team please let me know.

UPDATE:  Luke's current assignments of Klondike teams to sleds:

1. Luke, Robert G, Sean, Anthony L, Nate, C.J, Jordan, Jared P, John F
2. Alex, Eric, Jared D, Elias, Tommy P, Grant, Rich, Christian S
3. Chris, Ben, Shane, Zack, Tony, Nick, Haris, Ryan C

Your team leader will be calling you before the Klondike to talk.

NOTE:  The Klondike Derby organizers have mentioned:  

It appears right now that we might have the potential of a snow event on Friday night.  While we all love when the Klondike is held in the snow safety for the scouts is our number 1 concern.  We will be monitoring the situation very closely and if it becomes unsafe for the scouts to travel or Quail Hill is unsafe or unusable we might need to cancel the event.  We will be relying on the guidance of council and the camp ranger to assist us in making any decisions.  Since this is a fluid situation we might not have a final decision until late Friday afternoon.  We will be communicating any updates via e-mail. Please make sure that you monitor your e-mails on a constant basis.  

If there is snow but the event does go on the snow will make the parking situation much worse.  Please if at all possible try to car pool.  The less cars we have the much easier it will be to park them and move equipment and boys around. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.

Please check this page and/or watch your email for an update from the Troop on Friday night and/or Saturday morning.