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Notes from PLC meeting

posted Oct 5, 2012, 6:08 AM by Dan Harasty
(taken by Chris Karn)

*October Trip - U.S.S. Ling - Permission slips coming out soon (this week) and due on October 11th.  For this trip, you will need your Class A's, as we are retiring flags.  

*November Trip - CBK Mountain Adventure, Poconos, PA - At the PLC, we made a command decision to not freeze at Lake George, and go to the Poconos for a similar rope course.  It will be on November 9th to 11th, and the permission slips are due November 1st.

*Klondike sled - Some of the older scout are getting involved in making a pioneering sled (mainly rope and bamboo/other natural materials).  Ben researched this other the last month, and found plans to make this.  Now, Alex is the project manager, and he is going to be carrying this project out over the next few months with a select group of scouts.

*Meetings - 10/11 - Patrol kit check/Patrol flags/Skills rally
  10/18 - First aid skills rally
  10/25 - Drug abuse and poisonous plants presentations (requirements for the newest patrols)
   11/1 - Next PLC meeting
  11/15 - Court of Honor
  11/22 - Happy Thanksgiving!
*Patrol Flags - We will be making patrol flags soon.  Bring your art supplies (sharpies, scissors, and anything else you want to use to decorate your flags with, and I was told no glitter on Boy Scout flags).