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posted Oct 21, 2015, 6:58 PM by John-Isaac Harasty   [ updated Oct 21, 2015, 7:06 PM by Dan Harasty ]
Hey Everyone, tomorrow is going to be our very first merit badge meeting. While it has been discussed before, I hope that this post will let everyone know how it's going to go down.


    We hope that the scouts will use these meetings to both start new merit badges and finish all of their remaining partials. With the merit badge counselors around them, the merit badges they they hope to get will be easy for them to get and finish.

Why we have These Meetings:

    We have realized in the troop there are plenty of boys who begin merit badges, but then between managing the merit badge counselor's schedule and the boys' many do not get finished. So with the time that everyone already keeps open for regular meetings, we want to facilitate scouts approaching and finishing merit badge with less problems.

How Will They Be Run:

    We will be starting the meeting at the usual time, 7:00 pm with a our usual flag ceremony. However, after that boys will be let free to go talk to counselors around the room. For example if someone has yet to finish the final so many amount of requirements for "Pets" merit badge, they would be free to talk to Mrs. Ally and either get those requirements signed off or discuss a plan to finish it in the future. While that is happening, for example, Mr. Bludgus will also be running a lesson about "Hiking" merit badge. Boys if interested in getting the badge would get a blue card, sign in on a sheet and listen for the duration of the lesson. It will be up to the scouts to talk to the merit badge counselors and discuss organizing a formal lesson if the counselor thinks its necessary and there is enough of a demand for it. The boys could also ask to borrow a merit badge book from the library. (There will be blank blue cards at the meeting)


    We expect that all the boys will use this time as a resource to get as many merit badges as possible, and use the opportunity to its fullest potential. 

To The Parents:

    Dear all the parents, especially those whom are merit badge counselors, we hope that you all attend. To those who aren't a merit badge counselor, if you are interested in becoming one you can talk to Mr Pitarresi and we can find one that you are qualified to do. The more merit badges we can offer the better.