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Shed and Trailer Cleanout 9/17/17

posted Sep 15, 2017, 5:46 PM by Alex Karn
On Sunday, September 17th, we will be re-organizing the contents of the trailer and the shed. The shed now belongs to Hope Lutheran Church, so all of our items have to be removed.

We will be erecting the Troop's portable garage(s) at the Karn farm, 42 Yelllowbrook Road, Howell. Items that we rarely use, such as the Klondike sleds, will be stored in the garage(s).

Items that we use more often, such as Troop tents, patrol kits, etc., will be stored in the trailer, which will be parked at the Firehouse for easy access.

If you are available to help, please be at the Karn's at 11AM on Sunday. This counts as service time!

Note to drivers: Please pull into the driveway and drive down the gravel path to the left of the kennel, and into the grass field. PLEASE do not park in the kennel parking lot, as we need that 

space for our customers.