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Summer Camp 2014

posted Jul 14, 2014, 5:12 PM by Troop 150 Announce
Last minute reminders, from the Scoutmaster:

  • Check the camper check list:
    • See this post to confirm Mr B has all forms (medical, insurance, swimming), and to confirm merit badges you've signed up for
  • Please arrive in the Ockanickon parking lot by 1:30pm.  (Detailed directions are available.)
    • FYI we will be staying in Seneca this year (same as last year)
  • Please use square storage containers to keep clean clothes in one, and dirty clothes in the other, with both containers the same size so one can fit into the other.
    • If available, consider using containers that fit under your bunk.
  • Clothing to bring:
    • Bring your Class A uniforms with proper shorts – no gym shorts or shorts with Hawaiian flowers on them
    • Bring your Class B shirts
    • Bring a baseball cap (or other hat for sun protection)
  • Gear to bring:
    • Bring rope for a clothesline – dry wet clothes and hang up their sleeping bag to air it out during the week
    • Bring your toiletries – stinky scouts and tents that smell like onion patches are not allowed – recommend brining baby powder to stay dry on really hot days
    • Bring sunscreen, bug spray, wolverine repellent
    • Bring mosquito nets, portable battery operated fans, and anything else that will keep you comfortable
    • Bring a canteen – scouts need to stay hydrated
    • Bring a large umbrella along with a poncho as your rain gear – I recommend an umbrella vs. wearing a piece of plastic in hot and humid conditions
    • I encourage the scouts to bring board games – no magic cards
    • I encourage the scouts to bring a baseball mitt, football, Frisbee, etc. where we can use one of the open fields for some friendly athletic competition
  • Program-related stuff to bring:
    • Bring all of you pre-reqs for your merit badges – if they are not completed, I will not allow the scout to take the merit badge
    • Bring your Totin' Chip card – you can’t use or possess a knife without one; you must present card if you are taking the Woodcarving merit badge
  • Bring money for the Cantina – buy craft kits for merit badges and some money for snacks – I will not be a bank this year
    • Bring money if you need to buy material for your merit badges.  (Examples: material for woodworking, leather working, basketweaving; ammo for Rifle and Shotgun merit badges)
  • Do NOT bring:
    • Electronic devices are to remain at home – no exceptions – If I see one, I will take it and hold on to it until Saturday