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Summer Camp Announcement

posted Jul 20, 2016, 8:01 PM by Richard Bludgus   [ updated Jul 20, 2016, 8:03 PM ]
Summer camp starts this Sunday (July 24th)
  • Camp Site - Seneca
  • Meal Plan - B
  • There are a number of folks that owe me medical forms.  You know who you are because I called you on Tuesday...:).  Please get me your medical forms, a copy of your insurance card and 3 copies of everything by Friday night.
  • The attached file has the list of merit badges you signed up for (based on the blue cards I have)
  • I also listed the pre-reqs you must complete before starting your classes on Monday...we will go through pre-reqs starting after dinner on Sunday night...I do not want to go through the same instance we went through last year where there were a lot of scouts that were unprepared...there are no shortcuts...though I listed the pre-reqs in the attachment, the scouts are accountable for checking pre-reqs on the camp web site...
  • No pre-reqs, no merit badge...simple
  • You cannot complete/use a pre-req and use it for more than 1 merit badge (no double dipping)
  • You must have your totin' chip card if you are taking Woodcarving merit badge, or if you plan on carrying a knife...I will ask for them...
  • The weather is going to be toasty next week.  You will need to keep hydrated.  I encourage you to bring personal coolers/refreshments.  If you need to replenish ice/refreshments make sure you have money to pay for it.  I will go to the store for you.  The troop will provide water containers with ice water/ice tea
  • I found out that the swim test we took at the YMCA cannot be used because we did not get a BSA Swim Test form filled out and signed by the YMCA lifeguard.  If you are planning to use the pool or participate in aquatic events you will have to take the swim test on Sunday.
  • There are no new scouts attending summer camp...you should all know what to bring...:)
  • Please plan to be at the camp by 12pm on Sunday
Richard Bludgus,
Jul 20, 2016, 8:01 PM