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Summer Camp: Payment & Physical

posted May 19, 2013, 6:58 PM by Troop 150 Announce   [ updated Jun 29, 2013, 12:44 PM ]
Camp Update

Troop 150 is headed to summer camp on the last full week of July.  (For full details, see: Summer Camp.)  

If your scout has questions about camp, be sure to attend this week's Troop meeting, where we will be talking about summer camp merit badge scheduling.  With any other questions, newer scouts should ask Luke or any of the senior scouts.

Parents with questions about camp should contact Dave Christie dachristie2@msn.com or call 732-492-1936.

Paying for Camp

If you haven't paid yet, it's still not too late to join in!  Pay by May 30, the payment is $391.  After May 30, it is $406.  (In either case, deduct $30 if your scout participated in any of the fundraisers this year.)  There is no "sign-up form" per se; when you pay, you are signed up.

For payment questions, contact Treasurer Ginny Chan: gchan@cspnj.org or call 732-303-6929.

Camp Physical

Every Scout and adult attending camp MUST provide to the Scoutmaster:
  • THREE COPIES of an up-to-date "BSA Annual Health and Medical Form"
    • Parts A, B, and C must ALL be filled out
      • Parts A and B can be filled out by the parent
      • If you need help filling in the immunization record of Part A, ask your doctor
      • Part C must be filled out by a certified health care provider
    • Link to the form: Form with Part A, B, and C
    • Read this for more info from the BSA regarding the form.
  • Also: a photocopy of both sides of your insurance card.
Please try to do this soon; no later than the end of June.  (If you can't complete this by the end of June, please inform with Mr Bludgus that you are working on it and by when you do plan to complete it.)

Note all medical forms must be valid for your full stay at camp.  (That is: the date of the physical must have been July 27, 2012 or later.  If not, you must get an updated physical to attend camp.)

Tips about the Physical (from a seasoned scout parent)

Here are some tips:
  • Download the Medical Form, open it on your computer.
    • Note that this is a "fillable form", so fill in as much as possible with your computer (typing in the light blue areas).  
    • This makes the form more legible for all.
    • Save your entries and print it out.
    • After your doctor fills in Part C, make four copies.
    • Keep the original paper form in a safe place, and provide the four copies to Mr B.
    • Keep the filled-in file... and next year, re-use it, just updating whatever needs to get updated
  • If your scout had a physical with your family doctor anytime since last August, in most cases you can just drop off the form, and the office will be able to fill it in from their records.
    • The point is: you don't need a necessarily need a separate exam just to fill in this years form, IF your physical was less than a year ago.
  • PLAN AHEAD for next year:
    • The next time you get your physical done (any time during the year), bring your part-filled-in form with you.
      • If you saved the fillable form for this year, you can just make minor edits, and print an updated version.
    • Kill two birds with one stone: if your scout is likely to participate in SCHOOL SPORTS, ask your doctor to ALSO fill in the "New Jersey Department of Education Annual Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form" at the same time.
      • Link to form: [link]
      • Howell Township Schools and the Freehold Regional High Schools have both been using this form.
  • If your doctor can't schedule a visit promptly (you wouldn't wait to the last minute, would you?), or if you are without insurance at this time and looking for a modest-cost way to get the physical done: consider a visit to Minute Clinic. [link]
    • Minute Clinic offers sports and camp physicals on a walk-in, pay-on-the-spot basis.
    • They are staffed by licensed nurse practitioners or physician's assistants, and found in a few local CVS pharmacies.
      • Closest to us are the Marlboro, Manalapan, and Jackson locations.
    • The usual price is $59, but with this coupon, you can save $15 if your visit is before June 30.

Troop 150 Announce,
May 19, 2013, 6:58 PM
Troop 150 Announce,
May 19, 2013, 6:58 PM