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Summer Camp Pick-up Plans

posted Jul 23, 2012, 10:32 AM by Dan Harasty

Well the scouts are off and summer camp is underway.  I know you "first time parents" may be a bit nervous; don't be.  The older scouts and adult leaders -- not to mention the excellent staff at Ockanickon -- will all help to make your son's experience super.

We'll post any important news / updates from camp here if we need to get the word out... however, you should assume "no news is good news", and that all the boys are having a great time.

So you can make your pick up plans for Saturday, here's what you need to know:
  • You should plan to arrive at Ocanickon Saturday, July 28, by 9:00-9:15am.
  • Head over to the Parade Grounds, which is a 5-10 minute walk from the parking lot.
    • Lots of parent will be arriving then, so just follow the flow in to the center of camp.
    • But for those who need detailed directions, here they are anyway:
      • From the parking lot, cross back over State Park road.
      • Follow the main path in to camp and head "straight in" until the path hooks left, and you are see the Parade Grounds.
      • You'll: pass the mess hall (on your left), a small open field (on your right), and the water tower (on your right).
      • Have a seat on the hill with the other parents.
    • Please do NOT plan meet the scouts at their camp site.
  • At 9:30am, all the Troops will parade in.
    • There will be a VERY BRIEF program.  (Usually only 10 minutes or so.)  
    • The assembly will likely be dismissed by 10am.
  • You'll then find your scout, and walk with them back to the camp site.
  • Most likely, everything will be packed up, including the boys' gear on the pickup.
  • You'll walk back out to the parking lot, find your stuff on the pickup, and off you go.
Mr Bludgus emphasizes: don't be late! The final ceremony is usually on-time and short.