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The 2014 Candy Bar Fundraising Season Round One is OPEN

posted Feb 20, 2014, 7:54 AM by Ally Smith

The 2014 Candy Bar Fundraising Season Round One is OPEN

I know that you have all been anxiously awaiting the open of CANDY BAR Season…Finally it’s here! Hooray!


Troop 150 makes .45 on each candy bar sold. That’s GREAT Profit! We are asking each scout to sell a minimum of 2 boxes of candy bars.  Each box has 25 bars inside and they are $1.00 each. For this first round each scout is getting 1 box.

 You need to collect money as you go. 

Money is due back by March 6th.  

If your family would prefer to write a check upfront for the first round of candy bars and sell them at your leisure please make a $25.00 check payable to Troop 150. Please return all monies to me so I can keep track of what boxes were paid for. If you give your money to Mrs. Chan directly she is not going to know your candy box # to give you credit for paying.


There will be a prize for the highest seller of any dessert the scout chooses I will make for said scout by scratch (I make a mean chocolate cake!) and elimination from duty roster for 2 camping trips. 

Happy Hunting!