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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Troop 150 
Fundraising 2018-2019


Welcome Back!
It's always exciting starting a new scouting year. It's hard to believe it's already time to dust off the tents and the hiking boots. As the troop is planning and preparing to launch a new year, we are getting ready to set our fundraising calendar into action so we have the funds to help the troop go!

Fundraising is an important component of our Troop. It allows the Troop the funds to keep dues low, while financially supporting the activities and providing the items we need. Past fundraising campaigns have been very successful and support the troop by:
  • providing funds to provide & replace damaged equipment like tents, lanterns, mantles,  coolers, stoves and all the assorted camping gear that is constantly being used by our scouts.
  • subsidizing scouts who are attending summer camp.
  • subsidizing camping trips, especially long distance away adventures.
  • providing refreshments for Courts of Honor and other troop events.
  • ensuring we have a positive cash flow in the event of emergency or unscheduled large item repair (ie: trailer, camping garage, dining flies....)
We have a great scout family and your support of our events has been greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to continuing our successful tradition of providing for our scouts and making our scout family even larger and stronger this year.

 If you are on Facebook, please ask to be added to our closed group "BSA Troop/Pack 150".....we use this site for sharing pictures taken at advents, advertising of Events and general communication in addition to email"

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