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Programming Merit Badge

Welcome to the Programming Merit Badge.

Badge Start: October 2015
Target Completion: by Court of Honor April 2015

Participants: Laik Green, Jack DiGirolamoHaris AlamChris KarnChristian SmithCJ SpagnoliaRich BludgusIsaac Harasty, Mark Anthony DeMeno

To every class, please bring:
  • MB workbook & a pen
  • A laptop, if you've got it

Assignment 1 (for 11/12/2015):
  • Get your Blue Card from Mr Bludgus
  • Give your Blue Card to Mr Harasty
  • Sign up for the Programming Merit Badge Remind 101 list:
    • Text "@mb150prog" to "81010"
  • Download and print out the workbook for Programming Merit Badge
  • Complete the online safety training called "Cyber Chip".
  • Sign up for a Code Academy account:
  • Email the email address that you set up your Code Academy account with to Mr Harasty: dharasty@gmail.com
Once ALL the participant have done ALL these steps, we will schedule our first merit badge session.