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A Scout's Journal Of Our Memories Together In Scouting

Ockanickon Summer Scout Camp, Pipersville PA July 2015

A week at scout camp with Troop 150


This year a lot of our scouts arrived early to setup camp. I arrived only a hour early, give or take and already there were adult’s tents and scouts gathering their possessions and unpacking. For the most part things were normal. We had the annual temperature and medical form check as soon as one of the camp’s site director counselors got there. We got those annoying green camper wristbands everyone ends up subconsciously tearing off the whole time. We only had one scout in Dan Beard (program for first timers)this year, Dylan Perkinson . Dylan did way better than my group did our first year. He wasn’t homesick at all and got a few more badges than Dan Beard offered. Every year we take place in a flag raising ceremony and a campfire ceremony. They are both ways to welcome scouts to camp.The flag ceremony was as usual and the campfire circle was probably the cheesiest ever. That night we  submitted our blue cards and the adults were not happy with the quality of our pre requisites. Yikes!



Annual Polar Bear swim! Even if your were above the rank of Star, chances are your tenting buddy still had to do it. Granted there are exceptions but the older scouts still went into everyone’s tent, waking everyone up just to make sure they didn’t leave anyone behind for polar bear swim. While many would simply return to their slumber I could not, so I sat by the fire along with a few others for an hour patiently waiting for our swimming comrades to return for breakfast. We all got our class A’s on for breakfast. We lined up to pay our respects as the ASPLs raised the flag above the campsite. The Mess Hall was probably the loudest place ever. After grace was said the entire cafeteria roared as if it was Brazil during a soccer game. The frantic cries of “I won’t shut up until you skip around the room twice” filled any viable space with sound waves; this persisted for every meal during the week. Majority of the camp staff this year were brand new, and for the most part they were well received by our troop. The badges were fun this year and everyone for the most part enjoyed listing to the counselors. Lunch came around and the food was great. Dinner was just as good and we stayed up all night playing various card games. By the end of the week everyone learned at least one cool card game from one of their friends.


Tuesday was a swift repeat of Monday except for the poor weather with cloudy skies and on/off rain. Lunch was probably the best part of Tuesday because it was pizza with brownies. After lunch we played what is now a common tradition by playing Mafia. Mafia is a card game where a group of people draw cards given out by a narrator who will explain who is out and who remains alive. Anyone who draws a king is considered the mafia their goal is to knock out anyone holding a numbered card (townspeople). Anyone given the queen is a guardian angel and can choose a townsperson (or mafia member) to spare for that round. And lastly a jack is the detective who really isn't much more than a townsperson but can get hints from the narrator. It is the job of anyone not holding a king to pick out who is the mafia and knock them out of the game. When all mafia or townspeople are eliminated, that's the end of the game! How do you play you may ask? Well its simple, in the start of each round the narrator will say "every one goes to sleep (everyone puts their heads down). Mafia wake up, select who you want to kill. Guardian angels wake up, select who you want to save. Detective wake up, select who you want to save. Now everyone wake up". The narrator will announce who the mafia has killed and that person is to sit out the rest of the game. From this point the people remaining will debate about which guy among them is in the mafia. Each person will discuss why they chose who they did and debate why they should kill that person. At the end of the round everyone will vote on someone to kill and hope they took out a mafia member. Each round after that is the same repeat of steps until the end of the game. As you can tell this game is very popular within our troop. Jordan Waldman almost called all of the Mafia games and was probably one of the best detectives we’ve had. Dinner was alright but nothing special. That night many scouts began finalizing requirements so that at some point during the week they could get a scout master conference or board of review. Alarmingly only a handful decided to take a shower.


Nothing to different happened on Wednesday however the journalism counselor who was supposed to handle the details of a offsite field trip for one reason or another failed to do it, which may not be entirely his fault either way things got sorted out. In the scouts free time many worked on homework given to them by the various counselors as requirements for their badges. Some had a problem with the Fish and Wildlife counselor because he wasn’t doing a very good job teaching yet in my opinion he had very little given to him by higher ups to go off of. That night we relaxed by one of Mr. Malko’s famous fires as John Flanders tried played various classic rock songs on guitar. This year no one went to the Water Carnival partially because Mr. Bludgus had ordered a lot of pizza at least 9 boxes. So we ate it all!



We had some bad weather on Thursday, by 3:00 we had a very bad thunderstorm, so most of the badges were moved inside. Even then the power was out for some time. The journalism merit badge had a field trip to the Town and Country newspaper office which was one about a half hour away. The news editors were friendly and we got our pictures on the cover of the following week’s paper. By far the worst was the discovery that the Personal Management counselor AJ was faking a southern accent the whole time. By dinner though things cleared up which was great because we had the volleyball tournament. Unfortunately our team was knocked out however a lot of scouts had to go to the Eagle Lodge to finish requirements for Citizenship in the Community. During this time some very interesting shenanigans happened. This year in the Eagle Lodge the computers had wifi which was useful for those who still needed to get pre reqs.


By Friday many loose ends with badges were tied up in a neat little bow. Our final night at camp had finally arrived! The most interesting thing to happen on Friday was sadly not viewed by everyone in the troop. Isaac poured baby powder all over Ben’s face and for a good 5 minutes Ben was trying to catch Isaac to pour the rest of the baby powder on Isaac. Like Monday we had a campfire ceremony as a way to say goodbye to all the scouts. The campfire circle was even cheesier due to the fact that the various troops took place in making the skits, but still it was fun. We had a lot more free time just to hang out and play cards because a lot of us had gotten at least half of our badges complete.


We packed away our things, one by one had our continental breakfast. Went to the final flag retirement of the week and as we returned, all of the parents had arrived. Mr. Bludgus had his final closing words. Then Chris passed on his position of SPL to Isaac. Then with the brief word of “dismissed” everyone rushed around to find their car and leave. All our hard work had paid off as we not only left with maybe a new rank or 5-6 badges each, but we also left with the wonderful memories and experiences we had made that year at camp! Ockanickon gets better and better, this year was definitely one of our better years! I can’t wait to go back!

Troop 150 scouts are out and active: both in camping and in community service.

We're going to start documenting the fun and service that we do in Troop 150.

As a new feature of our site, please note that we don't have many entries yet.... please come back often to see what's new!

Troop 150 Klondike Derby February 2018

posted Feb 17, 2018, 7:59 AM by Alex Karn

USMMA May 2016 Trip

posted May 7, 2016, 5:26 PM by Ally Smith   [ updated Jun 19, 2016, 6:49 AM by Mark Anthony DeMeno ]

Kings Point Trip

May 2016

This was only an overnight trip, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun! We got to camp on the campus grounds itself, with a great view of the pier and the George Washington Bridge in the distance. We could see the outline of New York City. All the troops were packed together as canvas structures and tents dotted all of the premises. The students had an orientation in their auditorium and went over the itinerary. For those of you who don't know what kings point is, its a college where students study to work on vast military ships. We got to go for a ride on their research and training vessel the "Kings Pointer". We learned how a steam and diesel engine work. And we got to look around there very lavish musses. At the museum a giant ship propeller was stuck in the ground on a slant, so of course people tried to get to the top, Isaac and Jordan managed to but no one else. The building itself was full of varying sizes of ship models from a few inches to a few thousand inches. This museum held one of the 5 existing Japanese swords from the Japanese surrender of WWII. The sword was once owned by Vice Admiral Ugaki and was given to General Douglas MacArthur as a "a memento of valiant services rendered by the sons of this Academy in our struggle in the Pacific." This was a big honor to the academy to place on display. Just looking at it gives you the chills! After that we headed to the steam lab, where the students explained everything about how to operate a basic ship engine. On the Kings Pointer, we got to see what extended periods of time on a ship are like. The tour ended early so we had hours to spend on the campus. We all hung out on this gorgeous hill with a beautiful 360 degree view on the ocean and campus. Some of us laid in the soft grass listening to a radio that our friend Laik Green had brought, while the rest played football. Even though we were there for hours the sight never got old, we actually longed for more time to spend on that hill gazing into the sun setting over the horizon.When night was upon us we retired the colors and went to the summer camp style closing ceremony complete with skits. Our skit was about a lawnmower that wouldn’t start, it wasn’t that funny but it was so bad it was good. By far the best part of the trip though was just being on the campus, it was the most unique experience I have ever had camping and I hope we can get to do it again.

Winterberg at Forrestburgh NY January 2016

posted Jan 16, 2016, 9:48 AM by Ally Smith

We arrived at the church a bit later than usual at 6. We saved the formalities and went on to embark on the long road ahead of us. The drive was not that long compared to others but still a lengthily ride of roughly 3 hours with traffic up to the site. Due to our late departure we got to the cabin at 10 and by that time we through our bags under the bunks and went to bed in the commodity of a heated and insulated cabin.

The wakeup was lazy since Mr. Bludgus’s wife had already prepared a weird cheesy egg concoction for breakfast. Cleanup was easy giving us amble time to get ready for the day before us. Everyone was unaware that there was a opening flag ceremony so no one brought their class A’s. As we marched out like bums huddled in our winter coats trying to hide the lack of formal dress but it wasn’t fooling anyone. To our surprise no one else had a class A anyway so the leadership gave us no trouble. The troop that ran the program raised the flags as we went off back to the cabin so we could plan the day. Before we could go inside however the adults told us to teach little Perkison to make a fire. After fiddling with damp wood and a lighter for half an hour the adults said “Enough!” and sent Isaac to make a fire. Afterwards we hiked up to the rifle range because everyone had 20 free rounds. We did that for awhile along with playing volleyball until we could go on the main event. We all were skeptical of the waterfall hike expecting a puddle over some pebbles to be the “waterfall” but to our surprise after climbing down the steepest trail ever we found a slightly frozen over waterfall. Everyone gathered for picture and hung around for a bit before we had to go back for lunch. Lunch was the best meal I have ever had camping, maybe even ever. Lunch was meatballs that Mr. Bludgus’s wife made along with some pulled pork but the tomato sauce was to die for paired with the perfectly cooked meatballs. But alas, like all good things, eventually it was over. So we went back over to the rifle range to shoot our last 10 rounds and play more volleyball along with a rare activity called tomahawk throwing. Most people didn’t do very well accept for Isaac who got 5 tomahawks on the target. As nightfall approached we headed back to the adults watching some old Little Rascals in the cabin. I was alright because I wanted a little power nap until everyone else said it was too boring so Anthony popped on a Looney tunes disc. He attentively watched it until after some time turned it off so the adults had a table to make diner with. After dinner we had to go to a closing ceremony which was pretty boring but it wasn’t until 9 so we had an hour to lounge around until Anthony turned on one of the terrible Star Wars prequels on to the sighing of everyone, which didn’t end till lights out.

Sunday we just cleaned up and got out of there quickly so we could get home and avoid traffic.

Rafting Trip White Water Challenger, Weatherly PA June 2015

posted Jun 15, 2015, 3:19 PM by Ally Smith   [ updated Jul 6, 2015, 6:04 PM ]

On Friday night we left the church in Freehold, NJ just about 5pm ...we were all very excited to get on the road, it was a several hour drive and we didn’t get to the campsite until about 8pm. Itw as still light when we pulled in and we had plenty of time to set up camp in the light. We enjoyed the campground, there was a lot to do here. The site had a nice general store, a snack shack where one could eat ( although we made our meals as a Troop and ate at our campsite). Threre was an arcade, ice cream shack and live entertainment. We got up our tents quickly and set up a very basic kitchen before it started to rain heavily. This was nature's signal to go to bed.

 On Saturday we woke up to sun, the rain had ended. We had planned a light breakfast of cereral and enjoyed our Lucky Charms. After cleaning up wechecked in with our tour and headed to the buses with life vests and wetsuits. The bus drove us to the river, we got put into our rafting teams and embarked on a very rough ride. Almost everyone fell out of the rafts at some point, yet for a dam release weekend there were not many rapids...I guess we need more practice!  We had lunch on a rocky beach midway through the 13 miles of rapids. We were all exhausted, wet and ready to head back to camp, so we took a nap on the 40 minute bus ride back to camp. After changinging into dry clothes, having a meal, warming up by the fire we were readyto relax. Our whole troop spent the evening around the campfire playing trivia games and our favorite card game "Mafia" all night long until lights out.


We awoke Sunday morning to dry weather luckily....as we packed up our site I noticed our neighbors were doing the same. They were another Boy Scout troop,  with boys around our age,  maybe a few years younger. The adults camping with this troop were doing all of the work. Seeing this made me proud to be in my  boy run troop. We all had a great time, we enjoyed the location, and the company and would do it again in the future. White water rafting on the Lehigh River was a blast!

Cabin Trip May 2015

posted Jun 4, 2015, 1:43 PM by Ally Smith

On the night up to the cabin it was a long ride up, about 5 hours in a car at night, one can imagine how fun driving up was when you consider that we didn’t reach the cabin until about 10:00. The cabin was nestled in a old rustic lake town in a scout camp. The cabin had a basement which was like a kitchen and a upstairs setup like a barrack. In the morning we had some weird mess that was trying to look like breakfast burritos but it still tasted good. We explored the forested and played Frisbee on a field in front of the cabin.


The ropes courses were very intense. There, 1 green course, 3 pink 2 silver 5 red and 6 black. Each had varying intensities. Ben and Isaac were the only scouts to complete the entire course. Many scouts said that the zip line was the best part.


Later that evening we had dinner, went on a hike to the lake watched cheesy movies because our cabin and a TV and electric.


Rich made a short speech and we went off to a long journey home.

Scout Sunday 2015

posted Apr 15, 2015, 5:51 PM by Ally Smith

On March 22, 2015 we had our annual “Scout Sunday” at the Hope Lutheran Church just as they were preparing for Easter. We had a smaller attendance of scouts this year, yet somehow the smaller crowd made the service more personal.

The words the pastor spoke really touched the scouts and gave us some food for thought. Our two Chaplain Aides, Mark Anthony DeMeno and John Flanders read passages from the Bible and did a great job while our scouts sang with the chorus and received communion.

In between services we sold our fundraising Old Monmouth Candy bars (every last one mind you) and served as greeters. All in all it was a very delightful and reverent experience.


Hunting Cabin Trip March 2015

posted Mar 15, 2015, 4:36 PM by Ally Smith   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 5:03 PM by Peter Pitarresi ]

This month’s destination was a hunting lodge in Woodland, Lacy Township, NJ.  This was chosen by the scouts because we had been working on our Rife and Shotgun merit badges over the last couple of weeks.  The place was rustic and did have a huge kitchen, common rooms, plenty of bedrooms (Slept 40+) and of course a rifle and shotgun range.  22 scouts with 5 full time leaders and 6 leaders part time attended this trip.  We also had two certified NRA merit badge councilors (Thank you Mr. Lines and Mr. Malm).

Friday night was definitely and experience.  It wasn’t easy to find a house in the dark and in the middle of nowhere.  Of course the light workload Friday night, not having to set up kitchen, a tent etc. was a welcome relief from what we are used to.  Lights out was set by the scoutmaster, after the fire safety drill, for 10:30 pm.  The ranking scouts this week, Tommy and Lake woke everyone up at 7 am Saturday morning. We woke to pouring rain which continued all day. Breakfast was simple, cereal and some fruit then everyone was tested, one at a time, to ensure they knew all the requirements for the merit badges especially the firing rules and shooting safety procedures.  Then, each scout was brought out to the range and worked with the instructors to shoot the 22 rifle and earn their badge.  Lunch was tortilla pizzas, plain or peperoni (Thanks Mr. Demino, Mr. Conely and Mr. Pitarresi for cooking).  Then, it was back outside for the shotgun portion.  Each of us got to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun at 15 clay birds.  Most of us hit some and one scout Luke, hit 13 of 15!

Dinner was served as the light outside faded at around 6:45.  Thanks again to the adults, dinner was amazing.  Mr. McLaughlin brought his smoker in the morning and grilled pork shoulders all day.  That grill smell filled the whole township!   The meat fell off the bone and we had shredded pork for dinner.  Sides were mashed potatoes, baked beans and apple sauce.  What a meal.  Afterwards the scouts played cards and or the board game Axis and Allies.  Also, movies were being played all day since scouts had down time while others were shooting.  We played Saving Private Ryan, Jaws, Ghost Busters and Guardians of the Galaxy. 
Sunday morning was a breeze since camp breakdown was a minimum.  The scout leaders assigned each scout bedroom (Which consisted of 6 bunk beds each), was assigned to clean their room and a portion of the common area such as kitchen or family room.  Since this was done quickly, Mr. Lines held an open shotgun shoot.  Everyone got a chance to shoot again, even the adults.  Mrs. Ally, Mr. Pitarresi, Mr. Bludgus, Mr. Perkinson and a couple of others even took their turns.  Once completed, we were on the road home.  This is one trip that WILL be repeated in the future!!

YIS Tommy

Klondike 2015

posted Mar 2, 2015, 4:46 PM by Ally Smith   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 5:04 PM by Peter Pitarresi ]

The Klondike this year was excellent. All the scouts from the troop were able to participate with the exception of three. We all met at Quail Hill scout camp at 6:30 am to pack out our sleds.  Check in was at 8:00 am with our 4 sleds hitting the course at around 9:00 am.  During the Klondike the temperature was between 28-35 degrees.  There was a good amount of snow pack, with an ice layer on top, throughout the course.  The icy conditions made sled movement easy but scout footing difficult.  There were 31 sled teams competing from all over the district. Our Dragon team sled, led by Lake Green placed 19th. The Eagles sled, led by Thomas Pitarresi placed 11th. The Scorpions sled, led by Chris Karn placed 6th and in 2nd place were our Flaming Bunnies, led by Isaac Harasty.  Our Troop excelled the most at the pioneering and camping stations but struggled at the orienteering station.  We know what we need to focus on next year. Our leaders ran the team building station and seemed to enjoy the day while we competed.  They had their open fire pit complete with Mr. Mlalko's venison chili and Mr. O'Brian's Dutch oven cooking skills. The competition ended at about 3:00 pm or so.  At the end we all had a huge snowball fight against other troops. Overall the Klondike was really fun and Troop 150 left its mark!


Troop 150 Second Annual Ski Trip

posted Feb 3, 2015, 2:54 PM by Peter Pitarresi   [ updated Mar 2, 2015, 3:34 PM ]

January 24, 2015, it’s 6:30 in the morning as we took attendance in the parking lot and loaded up the cars for the trip to Shawnee Ski Mountain in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania… 16 scouts and 9 adult where on their way. Thanks to our adult support and pre-planning, we arrived with all lift tickets and ski rentals labeled with our names.  All we had to do was Grab and Go.  

The weather cooperated, with light on and off flurries all day.  The temperature was in the low thirties which allowed for a great day.  The scouts broke up into small groups and hit the lifts.  Double lifts, triple lift and two quads including the high speed quad kept dropping us at the top of the mountain all day long.  A couple of our scouts took a lesson at 11:45, some for the first time and a few as a refresher. 

Breaks and lunch were taken as needed by each group.  Our scoutmaster, who doesn’t ski, kept a table in the lodge for us to use.  He was in the window watching all of us, as the day went on. Other adult leaders were skiing with the scouts or seen at the lifts or trails and joined us on and off in our downhill challenges as the day went along.

At 3pm our Winter Sports merit badge councilor gathered all the scouts at the double chair for a Troop 150 downhill ski! All of the scouts and leaders / parents rode to the top and worked our way down the “Pennsylvania” green beginner trail.  We took some time for pictures and 12 of us even completed the requirements to earn the Winter Sports merit badge.  Great job all!  Even though most of us took a spill now and again everyone had a great time with a lot of laughs.

With that accomplishment under our belts, the skiing continued until the night sky began to show some stars. With our legs burning and the lights on the trails blazing for the night skiers, the day ended at around 5:30.  The walk back to the parking lot was much slower that the walk in the other direction 8 hours ago.  This told me that we gave it all we had and then some. See you again next year Mother Nature and maybe some diamond trails will be tested then!

Yours in Scouting, Thomas Pitarresi ASPL

Valley Forge Trip November 2014

posted Nov 28, 2014, 11:59 AM by Ally Smith

Friday November 21st


Low: 20

When we got to Valley Forge, around nine-ish it was complete blackness, and look a very long time to set up the behemoths of tents that were brought. Rahill and friends kept rolling down the huge hill near our camp site.

Saturday November 22nd

Hi: 43

Low: 15

We woke up and made breakfast hastily so we could make it on time to the trolley tour, which was really fun, we made cool stops along the way to an encampment, George Washington’s headquarters and the Chapel. The Guide explained a lot about what it was like to be a revolutionary during that time. We came back to play football for awhile. When it got dark we played some mafia and when it got really dark we played a game of strategic man hunt with the other troop, Troop 28.

Sunday November 23rd

Hi: 57


There isn't much to say about Sunday, we packed up quickly and Mr. Bludgus made a quick speech and we were on our way.

Yours in scouting, Christian

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