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Hunting Cabin Trip March 2015

posted Mar 15, 2015, 4:36 PM by Ally Smith   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 5:03 PM by Peter Pitarresi ]

This month’s destination was a hunting lodge in Woodland, Lacy Township, NJ.  This was chosen by the scouts because we had been working on our Rife and Shotgun merit badges over the last couple of weeks.  The place was rustic and did have a huge kitchen, common rooms, plenty of bedrooms (Slept 40+) and of course a rifle and shotgun range.  22 scouts with 5 full time leaders and 6 leaders part time attended this trip.  We also had two certified NRA merit badge councilors (Thank you Mr. Lines and Mr. Malm).

Friday night was definitely and experience.  It wasn’t easy to find a house in the dark and in the middle of nowhere.  Of course the light workload Friday night, not having to set up kitchen, a tent etc. was a welcome relief from what we are used to.  Lights out was set by the scoutmaster, after the fire safety drill, for 10:30 pm.  The ranking scouts this week, Tommy and Lake woke everyone up at 7 am Saturday morning. We woke to pouring rain which continued all day. Breakfast was simple, cereal and some fruit then everyone was tested, one at a time, to ensure they knew all the requirements for the merit badges especially the firing rules and shooting safety procedures.  Then, each scout was brought out to the range and worked with the instructors to shoot the 22 rifle and earn their badge.  Lunch was tortilla pizzas, plain or peperoni (Thanks Mr. Demino, Mr. Conely and Mr. Pitarresi for cooking).  Then, it was back outside for the shotgun portion.  Each of us got to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun at 15 clay birds.  Most of us hit some and one scout Luke, hit 13 of 15!

Dinner was served as the light outside faded at around 6:45.  Thanks again to the adults, dinner was amazing.  Mr. McLaughlin brought his smoker in the morning and grilled pork shoulders all day.  That grill smell filled the whole township!   The meat fell off the bone and we had shredded pork for dinner.  Sides were mashed potatoes, baked beans and apple sauce.  What a meal.  Afterwards the scouts played cards and or the board game Axis and Allies.  Also, movies were being played all day since scouts had down time while others were shooting.  We played Saving Private Ryan, Jaws, Ghost Busters and Guardians of the Galaxy. 
Sunday morning was a breeze since camp breakdown was a minimum.  The scout leaders assigned each scout bedroom (Which consisted of 6 bunk beds each), was assigned to clean their room and a portion of the common area such as kitchen or family room.  Since this was done quickly, Mr. Lines held an open shotgun shoot.  Everyone got a chance to shoot again, even the adults.  Mrs. Ally, Mr. Pitarresi, Mr. Bludgus, Mr. Perkinson and a couple of others even took their turns.  Once completed, we were on the road home.  This is one trip that WILL be repeated in the future!!

YIS Tommy