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Cabin Trip May 2015

posted Jun 4, 2015, 1:43 PM by Ally Smith

On the night up to the cabin it was a long ride up, about 5 hours in a car at night, one can imagine how fun driving up was when you consider that we didn’t reach the cabin until about 10:00. The cabin was nestled in a old rustic lake town in a scout camp. The cabin had a basement which was like a kitchen and a upstairs setup like a barrack. In the morning we had some weird mess that was trying to look like breakfast burritos but it still tasted good. We explored the forested and played Frisbee on a field in front of the cabin.


The ropes courses were very intense. There, 1 green course, 3 pink 2 silver 5 red and 6 black. Each had varying intensities. Ben and Isaac were the only scouts to complete the entire course. Many scouts said that the zip line was the best part.


Later that evening we had dinner, went on a hike to the lake watched cheesy movies because our cabin and a TV and electric.


Rich made a short speech and we went off to a long journey home.