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Ockanickon Summer Camp July 2014

posted Sep 11, 2014, 12:46 PM by Ally Smith

Ockanickion 2014

Starting our adventure on July 20th it was a high of 79 and a low of 63. Scouts who attended were Chris Karn, Christian Smith, Danny Goldberg, Harris Alam, Mark Anthony Demeno, Laik Green, Sean Guinan, Shane O’Brien, Luke McLaughlin,  Eric Malko, Ryan Conley,  Jack Digiralamo, Liam Perkinson,  Elias Csipkay, Jordan Waldman, Matt Bost, John Flanders and James Adamo. For dinner we had subs and chips

Monday July 21st

Highof 83 low of 59

Not Much Happened on Monday as we all got familar with this new alien way of living. That morning we had Pancakes and Sausage for Breakfast, Tacos for Lunch and Ham for Dinner.

Tuesday July 22nd

Hi of 85 low of 68

Today a new game for the campfire was created called “Mafia” in which there is a circle of people and a deck of cards. A card is dealt for each player. If you get a Queen you’re a Guardian Angel who protects people from being shot.If you’re a King your apart of the Mafia if you’re a Jack you’re a Detective and if you’re a number card you’re a civilian. The people must figure out who is the Mafia to win. Also the first of the Yellow Jackets Stung Laik , however these nasty little buggers would keep stinging people left and right since their nest was next to the Latrine (which smelt rather nice this year compared to other years). Breakfast was Eggs Lunch was pizza and Dinner was Chicken

Wednesday 23rd

Hi of 81 low of 60

As the Middle of the week approached some were excited to leave others were dreading the end of camp. A few arguments happened but nothing too bad. Also Christian was stung by a yellow jacket today. Breakfast was French toast Lunch was hot dogs and Dinner was roast beef

Thursday 24th

Hi of 82 low of 63

Today around Dinner a rather horrible storm kept us trapped in the mess hall for 2 hours, people by the hour and a half mark started to lose it as plate throwing and fork battles begun while one guy wrote the narrative of a cow by the name of Betty on a napkin. The counselors starting singing camp songs at first but eventually sang songs from Les Miserables. For Breakfast we had Omelets for lunch we had Chili and for dinner we had turkey.

Friday 25th

Hi of 82 low of 57

As our last day came upon us we finished all our badges with Scouts rejoicing finding out they did get all their badges. A good day with a volleyball tournament which even though we didn’t win we still put up a good fight. For breakfast we had pork roll sandwiches for Lunch we had pulled pork and for dinner we had pasta.

Saturday 26th

Hi of 81 low of 61

As we all got our gear in the backs of trucks we said a hardy goodbye to Ockanickion however unfortunately Harris got stung by a Yellow Jacket. He recovered quickly as we went home on a new journey the journey of taking a long shower.

For Breakfast we had cereal.

All in all it was a nice trip

Yours In Scouting Christian


Ally Smith,
Sep 11, 2014, 12:53 PM