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Rafting Trip White Water Challenger, Weatherly PA June 2015

posted Jun 15, 2015, 3:19 PM by Ally Smith   [ updated Jul 6, 2015, 6:04 PM ]

On Friday night we left the church in Freehold, NJ just about 5pm ...we were all very excited to get on the road, it was a several hour drive and we didn’t get to the campsite until about 8pm. Itw as still light when we pulled in and we had plenty of time to set up camp in the light. We enjoyed the campground, there was a lot to do here. The site had a nice general store, a snack shack where one could eat ( although we made our meals as a Troop and ate at our campsite). Threre was an arcade, ice cream shack and live entertainment. We got up our tents quickly and set up a very basic kitchen before it started to rain heavily. This was nature's signal to go to bed.

 On Saturday we woke up to sun, the rain had ended. We had planned a light breakfast of cereral and enjoyed our Lucky Charms. After cleaning up wechecked in with our tour and headed to the buses with life vests and wetsuits. The bus drove us to the river, we got put into our rafting teams and embarked on a very rough ride. Almost everyone fell out of the rafts at some point, yet for a dam release weekend there were not many rapids...I guess we need more practice!  We had lunch on a rocky beach midway through the 13 miles of rapids. We were all exhausted, wet and ready to head back to camp, so we took a nap on the 40 minute bus ride back to camp. After changinging into dry clothes, having a meal, warming up by the fire we were readyto relax. Our whole troop spent the evening around the campfire playing trivia games and our favorite card game "Mafia" all night long until lights out.


We awoke Sunday morning to dry weather luckily....as we packed up our site I noticed our neighbors were doing the same. They were another Boy Scout troop,  with boys around our age,  maybe a few years younger. The adults camping with this troop were doing all of the work. Seeing this made me proud to be in my  boy run troop. We all had a great time, we enjoyed the location, and the company and would do it again in the future. White water rafting on the Lehigh River was a blast!