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Summer Camp

2019-Specific Info

Dates for Troop 150 Summer Camp in 2019:

dropoff: Sunday afternoon, July 21, 2019
pickup: Saturday morning, July 27, 2019

  • Fees: TO BE ANNOUNCED. There will be a few prices available to you  depending on when you pay. The troop receives a discounted rate as we return to Ockanickon each year. 

Camp Physicals:

As a reminder, physicals will need to be updated and submitted to the Scoutmaster by June 30th, 2019.

Please don't wait for the last minute. Why not just get your physical done this spring? Simply bring the blank BSA form with you to the doctor for your kids regular annual physical.  (Hint: bring your annual school sports physical forms, too.)

If you did wait 'til the last minute, consider a "Camp Physical" at Minute Clinic.

  • Don't forget, bring a blank BSA form with you.
See the BSA official site for "Annual Health and Medical Record" Forms.  (Use the "long form", for "campouts over 72 hours".  Your physician fills in Part C.)

General Summer Camp Info


Ockanickon Scout Reservation
Pipersville, PA

Web site: http://www.ockanickon.org/
Camp address: 5787 State Park Rd, Pipersville, PA 18947
Map: link to Google map

Driving time:
First time drivers -- plan two-hours for the trip.
You can do it in less -- once you know the way.


Fees start low, but climb as camp approaches.

In most cases: first year scouts (if you joined our Troop this school year) get the lowest discounted rate all the way up to the last cutoff date.

The main camp fee covers the main program, camp accommodations, and meals.
Some merit badges have additional small fees ($5-$10 range) for materials.
You may want to budget a few dollars a day for your scout to buy refreshment items at the scout store.


First year campers: Dan Beard Program

Before you go:

Get a physical done and have doctor fill out "Part C" of the BSA Medical Form
See your regular physician
Or: consider an inexpensive "Camp Physical" from Minute Clinic
Recommended: do this in May or June
Recommended: if your son plans to play fall sports in middle school or high school, find your school's "sports physical" form, and have practitioner fill out that form at the same time.
Pass the BSA swim test
The Troop usually finds a day to take the test as a group at a local YMCA
If you can't make it, you will have a chance to do this at camp -- but it just eats up an hour or two of your son's camp time
Merit Badge prerequisites
None for first year campers
Otherwise: varies by selected badge -- see Ockanickon web site

What to bring:

See the "Camping Tips" page.

What NOT to bring:

Anything electronic.

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