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The Importance of Camping

Weekend camping -- and other trips to fun and historic sites -- are an important and fun part of Boy Scouting in general, and for Troop 150 in particular.

Our Troop plans about one tour a month.  Camping, of course, is a great activity, central to Boy Scouting.  In fact, a great deal of the scouting experience happens on these trips, the younger scouts get to learn campcraft and scouting skill that go towards their rank advancement.  Older scouts get to practice their organizational and leadership skills.

We are often tent camping, but sometimes cabin camping sometimes in the winter. There are lots of great campgrounds in New Jersey, and we sometime travel a bit farther in the region, too.  

Historical trips have included tours of battleships, a submarine, and important and interesting cities like Annapolis, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Support the Trip Committee

Do you...
  • Have any questions about the current planned trips?
  • Have any ideas for future camping and other trips?
  • Want to help with one of our current trips?
Please contact the Trip Coordinator at tours@t150f.com.

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Contact Numbers

Our Trip Coordinator for the 2018/2019 year is Angela Goldberg.  The best way to reach her is at (732) 618-1900 or at GoldAngelMom@AOL.com
Adult Leader Contacts for future trips:
  • Brian Maher: 732-642-8971
  • Mike Nagle: 908-770-6354
  • Greg Karn: 732-850-3036
  • Rich Bludgus: 732-513-2969
  • Pete Pitarresi: 732-245-1370