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Order of the Arrow

The Order of the Arrow is scouting’s honor society. The details of the Order and many of the Orders’ traditions and inner workings are secret and not shared with non members.

To be considered for membership in the Order of the Arrow your troop must elect you based on your leadership qualities and participation in troop activities, especially service projects. An election takes place at a troop meeting each spring.

Current Troop 150 Members in good standing of the Order of the Arrow are:

Andrew Mayer

Robert Mayer

Charles Morse
Alex Karn
Chris Karn

Isaac Harasty

Ben Chan

John Flanders

Matt Bost

Haris Alam

Jordan Waldman

Rich Bludgus

Laik Green

Thomas Pitarresi

Mark Anthony DeMeno 

Troop 150’s Order of the Arrow Representative is John Flanders.


National Order of the Arrow Site

Na Tsi Hi Lodge #71