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Patrol Leaders Council (PLC)

Troop 150 is a "boy lead troop": the scouts learn leadership by practicing it.  The scout leaders form the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), which is responsible for planning then conducting our scouting program at our regular troop meetings and our outings.

Our Scout Leaders

 Our scout leaders for the 2016-2017 year are:
 Position  Scout
Senior Patrol Leader

Ben Chan

Senior Patrol Leaders

Laik Green

Elias Csipkay

Jordan Waldman

 Patrol Leaders
Flaming Arrows:

Jared Dimock
Danny Golberg
Christian Smith

 Troop Historian/Librarian
Troop Den Chief(s)
 Troop OA Rep.
John Flanders
 Troop Scribe/Webmaster
Ryan Conely
 Troop Chaplain Aide Mark Anthony DeMeno
John Flanders
 Troop Bugler Ben Chan 
Troop Leave No Trace Trainer
Jack DiGirolamo
Troop Quartermaster   Richard Bludgus
Matt Bost
CJ Spagnolia
Troop Guides
Nate Hale
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Luke McLaughlin
Eric Malko

Here To Serve You This Year Are:


Ben Chan SPL       Laik Green ASPL            Jordan Waldman ASPL        Elias Csipkay ASPL

To contact the SPL and ASPLs by email, use the email address: spls@t150f.com.

To request that we set up email address for any other officer, please email the Site Administrator: admin@t150f.com.

About Elections

If you are interested, you can read more about Election Procedures and Term of Office.

Senior Patrol Announcements 


Patrol Leaders Council meetings

The PLCs meets approximately monthly to plan the troop’s program for the upcoming month.  The meeting is usually the first Thursday of the month at 7pm at the church.  (This does vary some months; please consult the calendar.)

All leaders are expected to attend the Patrol Leader's Council.

IMPORTANT: If you hold one of these positions and cannot attend please arrange for a substitute to represent you AND call, txt, or email the SPL.

When the PLC meets, there is no "regular" troop meeting that night.  Meaning: if you are not the above list, you have the evening off.

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