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Scoutmaster Corner

Are you ready for your scouting adventure to begin?
Do you love Camping?
Do you love good food?
Do you love all the components of scouting and doing them with a great team?

If so Troop 150 is for you! We are family, a group of energetic, camping oriented, fun loving scouts. We love doing things together, making a mess and laughing! We are never stuffy and always up to shenanigans...Please join us!

We meet every Thursday, 7:00pm at the Adelphia Fire house in Freehold, NJ. Meetings are fine, but the fun really starts when we head outdoors...that's where we really let loose and the fun begins.

This year we will be having a theme to our trips: historical, outdoor activities and fun....we are about to shake up our camping dining menu too...so why not jump in with us and have some fun. There is never a bad time to join, but the sooner the better....we don't want you to miss out..shenanigans await!

Every year you can rely on this troop: 
  • camping almost every month
  • attending summer camp as a troop and coming home without partials!
  • competing in the Klondike Derby
  • graduating Eagles
  • building ridiculous campfires and eating well!
My name is Ally Smith and I am the Scoutmaster. These are my guys, and I welcome you to join them....we don't pull punches, we care about each other, we argue, we laugh, we cry, we play mafia, we eat well and we camp strong! Join us...questions? no problem call me 732-682-6143...welcome to the family!