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Troop Committee

Last Updated 7/30/16-- please send corrections to announce@t150f.com.

The Troop Committee is the set of involved parents which work behind the scenes to support the Scoutmaster, PLC and our scouts.

Generally, the Troop Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month, at 7:30 pm, at the Adelphia Firehouse.  Upcoming meetings are posted on the calendar.

ALL troop parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend Troop Committee meetings.  You don't need to be an officer or appointed "member" of the Troop Committee to attend meetings.  However, regular committee participants are encouraged to formally enroll as Troop Committee members.

Committee Officers

Committee Chairman

The Committee Chairman is Peter Pitarresi (m. 732-245-1370)

To reach the Committee Chairman, use the email address: commchair@t150f.com.


The Scoutmaster is Alex Karn (m. 732-850-5816).

To reach the Scoutmaster, use the email address: akarn2014@aol.com.

Check for words from the Scoutmaster on the "Scoutmaster Corner" page.

Assistant Scoutmasters

The Assistant Scoutmasters are:
Greg Karn (m. 732-850-3036).
Eugene Csipkay (m. 732-856-0676)
Mike Nagle (m. 908-770-6354)
Roland Goldberg (m. 732-804-5300)


The Treasurer is Ginny Chan (m. 732-513-4740).

Please contact the Treasurer at treasurer@t150f.com.

Dues are due at the first regular troop meeting of the month ($10) for eight months October to May.  Have your scout give a check to his patrol leader, who should then give it to the Scoutmaster or the Treasurer.  (Alternatively, you can pay multiple months at once, or even $80 for the year in one lump sum.)

Recording Secretary

The Committee does not have a Recording Secretary at this time.

If you feel you could help the Committee by serving in this capacity, please discuss it with the Committee Chairman.

Chartered Organization Representative

The Chartered Organization Representative is Chris Pujat. 

Committees & Coordinators

Advancement Coordinator

The Advancement Coordinator is Rob Conley.

Please contact the Tour Coordinator at advancement@t150f.com.

Advancement is earned throughout the year, but awarded at the Court of Honor.

Tour Coordinator

The Tour Coordinator for 2016/2017 is Angela Goldberg ("Tours" refers to monthly weekend campouts, and occasionally other trips.)

Please contact the Tour Coordinator at tours@t150f.com.

Plans for upcoming tours will be found on the "Announcements" page.

The tentative "master schedule" for tours for the year, plus accounts of past events can be found on the "Tours" page.

Fundraising Coordinator

The Fundraising Coordinators are Nancy Digirolomo and Maureen Bost.

Please contact the Fundraising Coordinator at fundraisers@t150f.com.

Current fundraising tips, plans, and ideas can be found on the "Fundraising" page.

Communications Coordinator and Site Administrator

The Communications Coordinator and Site Administrator is Dan Harasty (m. 732-637-9840).

If you have an announcement for the whole troop, email it to announce@t150f.com

If you have a comment about the functioning of the web site, use the email address: admin@t150f.com.

Summer Camp Coordinator

The Summer Camp Coordinators are Alex Karn and Greg Karn. 

Why are some functions "coordinators" and others "committees"?  There's no particular difference, other than if one person is performing the function we might call that person the "coordinator", and if multiple are doing it, we might call it a "committee".

Other Members

Also serving this year are: ...

o    Mike Bost

o    Rob Conely

o    Mark DeMeno

o    Kevin Guinin

o    Peter McLaughlin

o    Steve Meier

o    Frank Spagnolia