Camping Tips

Camping is a fun -- and important -- part of Boy Scouting.  Here are some of our tips on how to "BE PREPARED" for a camping trip.  

(For info on our planned camping trips, see the Announcements and Calendar pages.)

Things to Pack for a Camping Trip

Items to pack for a Weekend Camping Trip

Campcraft items:
  • water bottle
  • Boy Scout handbook & pen
  • sleeping bag, mat or pad, pillow case
  • pocket knife and your Totin' Chip
  • mess kit: plate, cup for hot & cold, cutlery
  • flashlight (plus a spare)
  • folding chair (for hanging out around the campfire)
  • Class A uniform, on a hanger [not needed from some trips]
  • Class B uniform (Troop 150 red T-shirt)
  • shirt, pants, socks for each day
  • plus extra pair of socks per day
  • hiking boots or sturdy shoes
  • something to sleep in
  • hat (any Scout or baseball hat will do; red Troop 150 cap if available)
  • rain poncho
Personal care:
  • toothbrush & paste
  • small soap, small bottle of shampoo
  • towel, washcloth, and/or bandanna
  • medicine (see notes below)
  • if needed: shaving needs, contact needs
  • sack dinner for Friday night (subs are popular)
  • energy bars, trail mix (in sealable container)
  • ball, Frisbee, etc.
  • fishing pole
  • playing cards
  • compass
  • fire starter (no liquid fuels!)
  • duct tape, twine, bungee cords, rope
  • hatchet, hammer, camp shovel, pliers, screwdriver
  • groundcloth, tarp
  • a few zip-lock bags (to hold loose items, or protect book from wet weather)
  • one or two large trash bags (use to cover your gear in the rain, or to store wet clothing)
    • use clear ones if possible -- to avoid the possibility that your bag is mistaken for actual trash
In most cases, the Troop will be bringing (and you don't have to bring)
  • tents (however, you are allowed to bring your own), tent stakes
  • food for Saturday and Sunday
  • cooking setup & fuel
  • camp lanterns
Things to leave home:
      • candy (you don't need the sugar, and the campsite doesn't need the candy wrappers)
      • anything that is electronic:
        • iPod, mp3 player, DVD player
        • GameBoy, Nintendo DS, PSP
        • cell phone, smart phone, laptop, netbook, PDA

Additional items for Warm Weather Camping
  • bug spray
  • sunscreen lotion
  • light jacket or hoodie
  • at least one pair of long pants or sweatpants

Additional items for Cold Weather Camping
  • clothing layers
  • thick gloves; thin gloves; warm cap
  • T-shirts, flannel shirt, sweater, jacket
  • long underwear, long pants, sweat pants

Additional items for Summer Camp

While using a backpack is certainly OK -- and looks very "scouty" -- most scouts have found packing in a large plastic tub to be the right level of inexpensive, functional, and rainproof.

In addition to the list for "warm weather items", you'll want to bring:
  • materials required by your selected merit badges:
    • stuff to bring (e.g.: First Aid badge requires you to bring a first aid kit)
    • stuff to do ahead (e.g.: meal planning for Cooking; writing assignments for Environmental Science)
    • money for supplies specified (e.g.: small fee for leatherworking supplies, or arrow kit used in Archery merit badge)
    • for a full list of prerequisites, see the individual activities page on the Ockanickon site
  • pencil and paper
  • second pair of shoes
  • swim suit (optional: second one)
  • napsack (small backpack for day use)
  • optional Friday rafting trip (if offered):
    • raft-operator's permission slip
    • participation fee
  • optional:
    • mosquito netting for your bunk
    • extra money for snack bar items (ice cream, cool drinks, etc)
    • wolverine repellent


If your scout needs medicine while on the camping trip....
  • provide medicine in original containers (O.T.C. or Rx)
    • just enough doses for the duration of the campout
  • write out dosing instructions
    • "with dinner", "at breakfast and bedtime", "as needed"
  • place meds and instructions in a ziplock bag, clearly marked with scout's name and "Troop 150"
  • give to the Scoutmaster or trip coordinator at the start of the campout
Needs for items other than oral meds (like Epi-pen or insulin pump or meds that need refrigeration) can usually be accommodated, but please discuss with the Scoutmaster or trip coordinator in well in advance of the trip to make sure instructions and needs are clear.

Ockanickon (our summer camp facility) has a dedicated health facility and health officer.  Please see their policies and contact info at Ockanickon Health Policies.

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