New Scouts

The Troops "F.A.Q." for new Scouts:

How do I earn my "Scout" rank (the first rank in Boy Scouting):
  • If you have completed requirements for your "Scout" badge, remember to request a "Scoutmaster Conference":
    • Talk to the Scoutmaster (Mr Maher) or any of the Assistant Scoutmasters (Mr Karn, or Mr Nagle).
    • You can do this at the Thursday night meeting OR on any campout. 
    • If you'd like to do this on a Thursdsay, please request this at the BEGINNING of the meeting, so the Scoutmaster can find time for your conference.  Don't wait 'til 8:30pm!
  • If you haven't yet completed requirements for your "Scout" badge, then:
    • Look for a senior scout to help you out, and/or to sign off that you have completed the requirements.
    • You can do this at the Thursday night meeting OR on any campout.
  • Either way:
    • Bring your book!
  • Once fully signed-off:
    • Be sure to show your book to Mr Lines for recording.
  • When are rank patches awarded?
    • Although you EARN your rank as soon as your Scoutmaster conference (and -- for future badges -- your Board of Review) are completed, your patch is presented at a "Court of Honor".
    • The Troop holds two Courts of Honor per year, usually late Spring and late Fall.
    • Read more about it here: Court of Honor