Scout Closet

Scout’s Closet

The Scout's Closet is preparing for it's Semi Annual "Stuff Swap

 Thursday March 16th 2017

Please bring in all outgrown scout articles to the meeting in the weeks preceding, we accept:
  • camping gear
  • brown Class A shirts
  • any red class B attire
  • pants/shorts
  • hiking boots
  • sashes

BRING YER STUFF IN so you can SWAP YER STUFF OUT FER NEW can actually just take stuff no swaping necessary

All donations are greatly appreciated.

 With the rapidly growing young men in our Troop and high expense of purchasing the items new, making scout uniforms accessible to all is ever important.

If you have any items you would like to donate or are in need of a donated item from the closet please contact:
            Ally Smith
732-682-6143(cell) ….Ok to text

         Thank you!